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Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.


Online Business:

With the development of any business, planning is one of the most important things that you can spend time on. When we sit down with our clients for the initial brief we want to know the ins and outs of your online ideas and goals. This is exactly why strategy is so important and not just a matter of  “so you want a web site”.

Working with you:

 Thoroughly planning your online project is one thing, but getting to know your business is what we at Barking Toad need to do so that we can help you achieve your goals. Together with you we will pinpoint the specific needs and demands of your online business and customise a solution for you. We do not supply “out of the box" ideas and solutions, downloadable templates or farm our work out to Overseas hack houses that will not supply any support in the future.

With a team of experts at hand you will get a “no bull” approach from us when it comes to developing your online project. We will discuss ideas and steer you in the right direction to best achieve those goals.

Websites = Brains and Beauty

At Barking Toad we believe that behind every attractive and eye catching website there are both Brains and Beauty. It is the combination of art and science with a little time thrown in. Our team have years of experience behind them and we are not wet behind the ears.

 Our expertise in online and IT strategy includes:


  • Project management.
  • Client engagement.
  • Analysis of an existing site by both technical and creative specialists.
  • Business and functional recommendations.
  • Time line operations.
  • Delivery of projects on time.
  • Working within a budget.



Northern Rivers Pools
Northern Rivers Pools was a site that needed to be transferred to a word press platform. The client wanted the site to be transferred exactly the same way it looked with some minor changes.

The site has many custom add ons to the ecommerce platform such as custom tabs exstra SEO and newsletter facilities.

Mason Wines
The complexity of Mason Wines and the many outlets meant that we had to have a e-commerce website that could cater to three different locations.

Two of the locations will have accommodation so a booking client was tied into the site.

Matt Ottley - Author, Artist, Musician
This site is a shopping cart site that has many different products both downloadable and also physical.
The site had to include media players for music samples and galleries for artworks and a shop for purchases. The site also has to display the works of Matt Ottley. Behind the scenes the marketing engine room drives a CRM with several thousand contacts used for crowd funding new projects and also a general newsletter.