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A successful marketing campaign is one that is targeted and makes best use of the buget allocated. One must use marketing materials in order to convey their message in a convincing and professional manner. The most common types of marketing materials used for campaigns are: Tv, Radio, Press advertising, business cards, flyers, brochures, signage and other printed collateral. Today websites play an extremely important part in any marketing mix and it is essential that they be integrated into a campaign as a crucial marketing tool.

We provide a very personal service. Without compromising integrity, we maintain sufficient flexibility to allow us first to listen, then adapt to, and meet, your specific needs.
Each design brief is undertaken with a clear and open mind so added benefits are not missed. With over 25 years of experience in the design industry we proide ourselves in customer satisfaction by providing stunningly creative designs every single time. We believe that we are very good at what we do and you will too once you experience our toadally creative design service.
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The Business Excellence Tweed Shire will be held on October 12th 2013. This presentation was designed to inform and encourage nominations and sponsorship.

Community Slice Campaign Collateral
This campaign utilises a variety of marketing media tools to create a a two way engagement between loacal people and businesses. A single database with multiple touch points drives the connection. Social media, direct emailing and website are the base tools backed by in store, press and print advertising.

Community Slice Campaign
Community Slice is a marketing Campaign specially developed for small businesses and services within local communities and is focused in establishing a link of communication between local businesses and the community.

Byron Rural Land Brochure
This brochure is an initiative of Council's Sustainable Agriculture Strategy and it summarises some important aspects of rural life that are worth considering prior to purchasing land. It is also a useful guide for all landholders on being a better neighbour. It outlines environmental issues, rural land owner responsibilities, weed and pest control, domestic animal/livestock control, vegetation and biodiversity management, sewage, waste and recycling management.

North East Waste Forum - Illegal Dumping Campaign
This campaign was designed to inform the community that illegal dumping carries a fine and this fine will be enforced across the seven local Government areas of northern NSW. The initiative for carried out through the North East Waste Forum. We designed the branding and all associated print material.

NEWF - Campaign elements
On site photography was taken to depict the locality and imagery was added to show just how illegal dumping impacts on the visual environment, farming/agriculture and our waterways.

NEWF - Identification Elements
Collateral was produced and required to identify illegal dumping sites. Road signage was produced and placed in areas that were known for illegal dumping to enforce the message that fines would be imposed and to encourage an alternative by using the local Resource Recovery Centres to dump waste.

Byron Shire Councilís Toad Muster Campaign
Firstly this was an educational campaign about the impact that cane toads have on the environment.
Secondly the campaigned targeted how to identify and capture cane toads and thirdly how to dispose of them via the Cane Toad Muster Programs. We designed all of the collateral, signage, banners and branding.

Community News and Rates notice
Brochures designed for Byron Shire Council to inform the community about the Community Strategic Plan, corporate management, local economy and society and Culture. The rates notice needed to be friendly and easy to understand the payment requirements and options.

Guide to Governance
Brochure designed for Byron Shire Council to inform the community about the ways in which Council operates, the documents, contacts, regulations and procedures that Council uses.
It was designed so the content was clear and concise and easy to read.

Positive ageing
This is a targeted direct mail campaign produced for Byron Shire Council. A survey was required to assist Council in planning the needs for their aging population. It was presented as a Community consultation document requiring feedback in a friendly and positive manner.

Recycling News
An educational and informative direct mail produced to communicate the requirements of Councils recycling program to the community in an easy to read manner.

Community Information Brochure
Council was very proud of the success and performance of the West Byron Sewerage Treatment Plant and wanted to convey the complex operations of the plant in an easy to understand manner to the community.

Communication with Tourists
When times of drought put pressure on the catchment and water resources were low Council had informed rate payers as to water restrictions but the people visiting the area were unaware. Shower hangers and stickers were used in accommodation houses and at Council amenities to communicate the message to conserve water.

Water Conservation Pole Banners
These pole banners were designed with simple messages to inform locals and tourist to conserve water. They depicted why and how they could save water.

Site Signage
This Wilsons Creek catchment sign was designed as an educational and directional sign. Its aim was to highlight the sensitivity of the flora and fauna in the area and to place an emphasis on the threats that the catchment faces.

Community Engagement Strategy
A presentation version of the Community Engagement Strategy curently used by Tweed Shire Council