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Developing a brand

The origins of branding can been seen right throughout history as cave paintings, symbols and heraldry but perhaps the most simplistic example of branding can be seen on the rump of a cow. Branding animals determined ownership, prestige and determined individuality. In today’s world of marketing and advertising branding is still a mark of ownership but combined with the image creation machine branding today can say many things about a business or product and has the ability to tell a story.

Properly defining a business or product with its own identity is the first step to creating a lasting brand. Don’t confuse the issue with lengthy and clumsy explanations of your brand. The elevator introduction is the approach that works best. In fact the key to successful brand communications is the trifecta of brevity, clarity, and consistency.

A cleverly designed logo and associated branding elements have the ability to change customer perceptions with regards to professionalism, experience, value and image creation. Establishing a corporate image and identity is imperative for success so that the correct message is sent via your logo and is repeated through consistent use on all communication collateral.


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Barking Toad Branding



Corporate Identity and the extension of your Brand


Many companies spend alot of time and money developing things like a business card but tend to overlook the other elements like proposal templates, invoices and the elements that get more exposure than the all important business card.


Some of the branding elements we will supply you are;

  • Business Cards
  • Stationery kits including electronic versions of these e.g. on disc
  • CD containing various forms of your logo like in black and white or color
  • Email templates and signatures
  • Quote/Proposal templates
  • Invoice/ Statements
  • Envelopes
  • Signage
  • Promotional items
  • Uniform/work clothing Design
  • Fleet signage


When a company lets anyone have a go at doing some sort of design alteration to their finely tuned brand or template the end is a compromised and mixed message to the public about your brand. Do you want to convey a mixed impression to your customers?


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